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jaccThumb   Kanberoglu B, Moore N, Frakes D, Karam L, Debins J, Preul M. Neuronavigation Using Three-dimensional Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Data.Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgeryavailable online: Sep 2014. pdf_logo(coming soon)
jaccThumb   Ryan J, Moe T, Richardson R, Frakes D, Nigro J, Pophal S. A novel approach to neonatal management of Tetralogy of Fallot, with Pulmonary Atresia, and Multiple Aortopulmonary Collaterals. JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging. accepted: May 2014. pdf_logo(coming soon)
IJAIT   Thiagarajan J, Ramamurthy K, Rajan D, Spanias A, Puri A, Frakes D. Kernel Sparse Models for Automated Tumor Segmentation. International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools. vol 23(03). 2014. pdf_logo
JBME_2014   Roszelle B, Nair P, Gonzalez F, Babiker H, Ryan J, Frakes D. Comparison among Different High Porosity Stent Configurations: Hemodynamic Effects of Treatment in a Large Cerebral Aneurysm. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering. 136(2), pp. 021013 – 021013-9. 2014. pdf_logo
jaccThumb    Yamak D, Pavlicek B, Boltz T, Panse P, Frakes D, Akay M. Coronary Calcium Quantification Using Contrast-enhanced Dual-energy Computed Tomography Scans.. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics. vol 14(3), pp 4014, Dec 2013. pdf_logo(coming soon)
RPJ_2013   Ejaz F, Ryan J, Henriksen M, Stomski L, Osborn M, Feith M, Richardson R, Pophal S, Frakes D. Color-coded Patient-specific Physical Models of Congenital Heart Disease. Rapid Prototyping Journal. 20(4), pp 10-10. 2014. pdf_logo
TAHTumb   Park SS, Sanders DB, Smith BP, Ryan J, Plasencia J, Osborn MB, Wellnitz CM, Southard RN, Pierce CN, Arabia FA, Lane J, Frakes D, Velez DA, Pophal SG, Nigro JJ, 2014. Total artificial heart in the pediatric patient with biventricular heart failure. Perfusion 29(1), pp 82–8, Jan 2014.  
Babiker_Biomech_2013   Babiker M, Chong, B, Gonzalez L, Cheema S, Frakes D. Finite Element Modeling of Embolic Coil Deployment: Multifactor Characterization of Treatment Effects on Cerebral Aneurysm Hemodynamics. Journal of Biomechanics. accepted: Aug 2013, DOI: 10.1016/j.jbiomech.2013.08.021 pdf_logo
Title of Abstract   Giers M, McLaren A, Plasencia J, Frakes D, McLemore R, Caplan M. Spatiotemporal Quantification of Local Drug Delivery Using MRI. Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine. accepted: Mar 2013. pdf_logo
IN_2013   Roszelle B, Gonzalez F, Babiker H, Ryan J, Albuquerque F, Frakes D. Flow Diverter Effect on Cerebral Aneurysm Hemodynamics: An In Vitro Comparison of Telescoping Stents and the Pipeline. Neuroradiology. accepted: Jan 2013. pdf_logo
IEEE_2012   Zwart C, Frakes D. Segment Adaptive Gradient Angle Interpolation. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. accepted: Nov 2012. pdf_logo
untitled   Babiker M, Gonzalez L, Albuquerque F, Collins D, Elvikis A, Zwart C, Roszelle B,Frakes D. An In Vitro Study of Pulsatile Fluid Dynamics in Intracranial Aneurysm Models Treated with Embolic Coils and Flow Diverters. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. accepted: Oct 2012. pdf_logo
2013_IJCAS_Frakes   Frakes D, Zwart C, Singhose W. Extracting Motion Data from Video Using Optical Flow with Physically-Based Constraints. International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems. accepted: Oct 2012. pdf_logo
Influence of stent configuration on cerebral aneurysm fluid dyna   Zwart C, Venkatesan R, Frakes D. Decomposed Multidimensional Control Grid Interpolation for Common Interpolation-Based Image Processing Applications in Consumer Electronics. SPIE Journal of Electronic Imaging. accepted: Oct 2012. pdf_logo
Influence of stent configuration on cerebral aneurysm fluid dyna   Zhang W, Frakes D, Babiker H, Chao S, Youngbull C, Johnson R, Meldrum D. Simulation and Experimental Characterization of Microscopically Accessible Hydrodynamic Microvortices. Micromachines. vol 3(2), pp 529-41, Jun 2012. pdf_logo
untitled   Roszelle B, Babiker H, Hafner W, Gonzalez F, Albuquerque F, Frakes D. In Vitro and In Silico Study of Intracranial Stent Treatments for Cerebral Aneurysms: Effects on Perforating Vessel Flows. Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery. online first: Jun 2012. pdf_logo
Scope_HandDrawn_blind   Zwart C, Ryan J, Frakes D, Ganesh T. Hand Drawn: Lessons on Neuromuscular Control and Prosthetic Hand Design. Science Scope. accepted: Jun 2012. pdf_logo
Influence of stent configuration on cerebral aneurysm fluid dyna   Klein S, Frakes D, Posner J. Three Dimensional Three Component Particle Velocimetry for Microscale Flows Using Volumetric Scanning. Measurement Science and Technology. vol 23(8), pp 5308-21, Jun 2012. pdf_logo
Influence of stent configuration on cerebral aneurysm fluid dyna   Peng K, Singhose W, Frakes D. Hand-Motion Crane Control Using Radio-Frequency Real-Time Location Systems. accepted: IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics. vol.17, no.3, pp.464-471, June 2012 pdf_logo
Influence of stent configuration on cerebral aneurysm fluid dyna   Babiker M, Gonzalez F, Ryan J, Albuquerque F, Collins D, Elvikis A, Frakes D. Influence of Stent Configuration on Cerebral Aneurysm Fluid Dynamics. Journal of Biomechanics. vol 45(3), pp 440-7, Feb 2012. pdf_logo
Visualization of flow structures in Fontan patients using 3-dime   Sundareswaran K, Haggerty C, de Zelicourt D, Dasi P, Pekkan K, Frakes D, Powell A, Kanter K, Fogel M, Yoganathan A. Visualization of Flow Structures in Fontan Patients Using Three-Dimensional Phase Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging. available online: Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. Nov 2011. pdf_logo
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Renal arterial blood flow measurement by breath?held MRI: Accura   Dambreville S, Chapman A, Torres V, King B, Wallin A, Frakes D, Yoganathan A, Wijayawardana S, Easley K, Bae K, Brummer M. Renal Arterial Blood Flow Measurement by Breath-Held MRI: Accuracy in Phantom Scans and Reproducibility in Healthy Subjects. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. vol 63(4), pp 940-50, Apr 2010. pdf_logo
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EXP_FLUIDS_frakes_2008   Frakes D, Pekkan K, Dasi LP, Kitajima HD, de Zelicourt D, Leo HL, Carberry J, Sundareswaran K, Simon H, Yoganathan AP. Modified Control Grid Interpolation for the Volumetric Reconstruction of Fluid Flows. Experiments in Fluids. vol 45(6), pp 987-97, Dec 2008. pdf_logo
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